Issue with LDAP Settings when using SSL

Aug 2, 2010 at 11:05 PM

Along with many others in this discussion group, I too had a challenging time while configuring the LDAP connection string.  For me it turns out that I was using an address while trying to change the settings.  No matter what kind of connection string I used, I was getting the same issues as discussed in Cannot connect using this connection string.

However, then I had a thought.  I actually modified my IIS profile settings temporarily to allow for me to connect to the extranet over a non-secure connection.  It seems that when changing the Active Directory Settings when _not using SSL, it took just fine.

Next, I tested that I could actually _use the features on the real domain, using SSL and so far that has worked.

Hopefully this helps if anybody else is stuck and using SSL when trying to configure these settings.