LDAP AD Connection String issues

Aug 19, 2009 at 5:59 PM

Hello, I wanted to thank the creator for this solution. I see this issue is common, so please excuse my reposting of the same question. 

I am having problems specifing the LDAP Connection String on my site collection, when I try I receive an error "Cannot connect using this connection string"

The feature intallation had no errors, I am able to set the connection string without any problems in the Central Administration site, but my actual site collection that I use will not accept it.  Both of these instances are on the same server in a farm configuration.

Farm Configuration:
Server 1: DC/AD box
Server 2: MOSS 2007 Enterprise (https://portal.domain.com)
Server 3: SQL 2005

AppPool Identiy is a member of Accout Operators

Sample LDAP Connection String:
Note: this string works on the Central Administration Site Collection, but not my Primary Site Collection.


I am able to verify the connection string using the tool provided in the Webpart Installation Pack and I have verified that the web.config file contains the necessary changes as stated in the included .pdf.  I tried to manually add the entry; <ConnectionString><add name="ADConnectionString" connectionString="LDAP://domain.com/DC=domain,DC=com" /></ConnectionString> found in the Orbitone.Provision.Webparts Installation guide and this web.config entry errors out the site.

I am also made sure that the Orbitone assembly is in the GAC.

If anybody has suggestions, I am all ears.  I think this is a great project and something that Microsoft should include (in some form) in the next release of MOSS 2010. Again, thank you to the developer(s) for your hard work!